Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thursday 16th February

Today started with me distributing letters that children at my school in Liverpool, had written for the children at Bassa Town School. It was lovely seeing the children’s reaction to the letters. I then took a photograph of every child with their letter. The children of class 5 sang some great songs for me.

Next, I had a meeting with the head teacher, to talk about the plans for our joint project about the Rights and Responsibilities of children, and the resources I brought with me. I then spoke to the teachers of class 6, about the classroom activities we can teach for our joint project. With class 6 children, I carried out a lesson introducing the Rights of Children. We discussed the difference between wants and needs. In groups, the children made a list of their different wants and needs. The children then shared their work with the class. It was very interesting to see the items that the children chose as a want and a need.  When I return to England, I will carry out the same activity with children in my school and then will compare the lists.

I visited Bassa Town infant school, to meet the staff. Whilst there, I was taught how to weave using 2 sticks and some wool. It was so therapeutic and I had a great time.  I then went with Harry and Lewis to a local basket weaver, to collect some baskets. The skill that went into these baskets is amazing and they looked beautiful. I couldn’t resist buying a basket of my own, which I hope can find its way to Liverpool in one piece.

Arriving at school, I found another game of football in full swing. I took out some bubbles and played with some of the children. After school we went to St Raphael’s school to meet Badarah, head of the Waterloo Partnership. Some local children managed to sneak into the meeting. At the end of the meeting, I had one girl lying on me, and four others touching my back and stroking my hair.


Harry from Bassa Town Infant school met us to take us on a walk through Waterloo Market. The market is hectic, with everyone bustling around trying to sell things. The market was busy, boiling hot and rich with different smells. We caused quite a stir walking through the market to cries of ‘Opato’, which means ‘white man’ in Krio. I bought some beautiful instruments in the market and a local lady demonstrated how to play it properly. I can’t wait to get home and start practicing! When I looked behind us, I saw about 50 children from Bassa Town School following us which was lovely. I also bumped into a teacher from my school out shopping.  It’s nice to feel integrated with the local community. Ironically, a poda poda (bus) called ‘Liverpool’ nearly ran us over!

On the drive home, we stopped off at Grafton medical centre again, to hand over a medical kit.

Sadly, as it was our last night, we celebrated at dinner time with a sing song. Armed with a Ukulele, a guitar, and handwritten songs, Jeremy and Lewis lead the nights entertainment. The highlight of which was a thank you song for Eddie to the tune of ‘Valerie’ and a song ‘Hey Moses’, to the tune of ‘Hey Jude’ dedicated to a waiter in the hotel. Lots of laughs were shared (sadly, not by some of the other diners who left the restaurant!) and it was a brilliant way to wrap up our fantastic week together. I had to leave the party early, as I had a lot of packing to do before my busy day tomorrow.

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