Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday 11th February

We’ve had an interesting first day today. After an hours bumpy drive from Freetown, we met the school hosts in Waterloo. We received a wonderful, warm welcome (and much needed ice cold cans of coke!!). Our meeting began with a prayer; we all stood and sang ‘praise him’, which was a nice reminder of Rimrose Hope. After introducing ourselves, we discussed our busy timetable for the week. It was brilliant to be back in the village of Waterloo and see the progress that has been made on the library. We had a tour of the library and this building will be a fantastic resource in the village, once it has been completed. Our driver from last year came to say hello, it was lovely to see another familiar face.

Following the library visit, we travelled to the spectacular Kent beach, which we visited last year. We explored the building in which people were kept, before they were sold abroad as slaves. We then went to visit the graves of people who had died whilst they were captured. Kent beach was extremely busy today. Hundreds of people lined the beach, dancing to loud music. Lots of people come to Kent beach each Saturday to dance the day away. People here are amazing dancers with incredible rhythm.

Next we went to look at the local fishing boats. Here we watched fishermen fixing broken nets and bringing their catch ashore. It’s fascinating watching people going about their daily lives.  I love watching little children pumping water, little girls carrying their siblings on their backs and people washing in the rivers. I am loving my time here and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. Photos fantastic. So glad you visited village that was featured on tv prog "the toughest place to be a fisherman". Watched the programme with mixture of awe at the skill of these young men catching fish to feed the village.. and anger at the big fishing boats encroaching on seas out of their permitted boundaries. What an amazing experience. The Craig Bellamy academy is a fantastic project too.
    Just goes to show some of these very very rich overpaid footballers, have a generous side.This is giving these boys a fantastic oppertunity to experience not only the regimes of the sport school, but the chance to study abroad.what a life changing experience for them...... and you x